DNS Service

The Domain Naming Service is critical for your domain to be "found" consistantly on the Internet. Don't leave this chore to just anyone! Our technical staff has been administering DNS since shortly after the system was invented. Our robust knowledge of the entire system insures all of your domain components are readily available to the world.

Domain Registration - With the plethora of domain registration entities that come and go, we make sure your domain is registered with an entity that is here to stay. Your billing for the domain also goes through us, saving you the hastle of keeing track of this annual (or greater) chore. You don't have to remember. We do it for you, with the added convenience of receiving one bill from one entity.

Domain Hosting - Our robust knowledge of DNS insures that your domain, or "zone", is setup correctly, and maintained consistantly. We use the latest technologies avalable, with redundant backup "slave" servers located off of our network to insure your DNS resolution works each and every time. We use lightning-fast machines for DNS, reducing resolution time, thereby directing traffic to your domain components quickly and effeciently.

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