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Our E-mail solutions are very flexible, and are taylored to fit your needs. With built-in virus protection, web interface, and optional SPAM filtering, our solutions reign above the rest.

Individual - If your needs are small, and you only need a single or a few E-mail accounts, our Individual plan will suffice. Available with all the options of our larger plans, we help you get the most out of your email.

Corporate - Growing always has pains, and large companies all over the world feel the pain of maintaining E-mail for hundreds or thousands of individuals. Let us take most of that pain away. Many options are available, including dedicated or co-located email service, virus and SPAM filtering, and more. Optionally, we make available a web interface for managing all of your corporate email accounts, with full control over all functions of each individual account, alias, or E-mail list server.

SPAM and Virus Filtering - Our state-of-the-art E-mail hosting solution takes advantage of todays latest technologies in circumventing the vast amounts of SPAM and virus infiltration rampantly traversing the Internet. In the war against SPAM, we use two well-known methods: DNS black lists and "phrase filtering". In conjunction with a newer method, statistical filtering, also known as "Bayesian" or "Token" filtering, we can drastically reduce the amount of SPAM received while making sure legitimate email gets through.

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