Network Services

Consultation - When you need to know, we have the knowledge. With 15 years of networking knowledge on virtually any platform, we retain the expertise to answer all of your questions. Let us plan or restructure your network for optimal performance, reliability, and security.

Installation & Configuration - We provide full network installation services, from cabeling and wall jacks, to network, computer, and software installation and configuration. Why hire two, three, or more entities to perform what we do best? Coupled with your online services, we are truely THE One-Stop-Shop!

Administration - With today's economy, it makes less and less sense to retain full-time network administration. With our robust knowledge of almost any network / computer system, we provide block hours or pay-as-you-go services that allow you to pay for what you need, when you need it.

Network Audits -Many existing PC networked systems have experienced operating problems without clear identification of the source. In many cases it is very difficult to determine problem sources by superficial inspection.

Our Network Audit service provides a detailed review of hardware, software and operating systems on your network. The results of this audit are provided in a report to the client with detail on the existing condition and solution recommendations / implementation of any problems found.

The cost of this service is dependent on the size and complexity of the network and can be readily quoted as a fixed price after an initial network review.

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