Lan to Web incorporates the latest in technology for the benefit of our customers. Below is a summary of the hardware and software vendors and programs we are associated with.

More than ever, individuals and companies need virus protection. Most companies outsource anti-virus services, which tend to leave your server wide open if the provider is ever unavailable. The service is passed through over the Internet, which equates to this fact: If any node of the Internet between your anti-virus provider and your email server is down, you are unprotected. Additionally, some viruses and worms can exploit an MX (mail exchange) level work-around for your E-mail domain, bypassing your anti-virus provider alltogether. We use redundant in-house anti-virus filters, based on Sophos ® Anti-Virus. This allows us to remove the ability of attackers to attach directly to an email server, thus ensuring mail is always filtered.

Lan to Web also offers Sophos ® technology as an on-site solution to fully protect your network. Web browsing, file sharing, downloading, and Internet worms are also open invitations to disaster. E-mail virus protection is only a piece of the puzzle. Breath easy knowing your valuable data is protected from every avenue of attack.

Our infrastructure is based on Cisco ® and Intel ® hardware. A network is only as good as its components, and we recoginize this often neglected truth. We have committed to using only the best. As our customer, this means you fully realize the best performance our network has to offer.

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