Who We Are

In 1992, we founded our initial company, Direct Business Systems. Direct Business Systems has provided Central Texas Customers with affordable PC Technologies and Network Support. Early on, our emphasis was to develop long-term relationships with our customers, while providing a One-Stop-Shop for all the Information Technology needs. Having ideas for new Information Technology Services, we felt it would be best to integrate networking with economical bandwidth. These ideas lead into strong Remote Support, Remote Backups and Remote Management techniques. We are constantly developing other solutions that utilize these cost-effective connections.

In 2003, we incorporated as LAN to WEB, Inc. We extend these solutions provided in the past with the intrigue of the new services to come. Our initial steps as LAN to WEB, Inc. were to build a Data Center in downtown Austin, Texas, and continue to develop new services with our high standard of support. Our hand-selected management team has superior networking knowledge on virtually any platform.

Mission Statement

As LAN to WEB, Inc., our mission continues as we develop intuitive services at cost-effective prices. The mission is to continue developing long-term relationships with our clients and giving the best solutions and service possible. LAN to Web, Inc. understands the need to offer the most efficient and affordable technology for all clients. As we broaden our Standard PC & Network Services, we began to provide additional support through Broadband and Internet Services.

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