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Our Mission

As LAN to WEB, our mission continues to develop intuitive services at cost-effective prices.  The goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients and vendors while providing them with the best solutions and services possible.  LAN to Web understands the need to offer the most efficient and affordable technology for all clients.  As we broadened our Network Services, we provided solutions through Wireless Broadband and Internet Services.

Our Story

Who We Are

In 1992, Dennis Beyer founded our initial company, Direct Business Systems.  DBS has provided Central Texas Customers with affordable PC Technologies and Network Support.  Our emphasis continues to develop long-term relationships with our customers while providing a One-Stop-Shop for all Information Technology needs.  DBS still provides Managed IT Services, Technical Support, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Security, Telephony, Structured Cabling, Consultation, and more.

In 2003, we incorporated as LAN to WEB, Inc. We extend these solutions provided in the past with the excitement of the new services to come. As LAN to WEB, we continue to develop new services with our high support standard. Our hand-selected management team has superior networking knowledge on virtually any platform.

In 2020, we all felt the world of computing and connectivity become even more important with Covid19.  The evolution in the workplace allowed us to work remotely from home or away from the office.  The need for high-speed Internet in our offices, homes, and wireless connectivity is needed more than ever.

In 2021, as we continue to support our clients, we began public projects seeing the opportunity to help expand the Helium Network known as the People’s Network.  A public network is built and owned by everyday people for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Now that Internet Access is becoming more accessible worldwide, we see the growth of IoT devices and wireless solutions. These new ways to connect are becoming as exciting as the beginning of the Internet itself!  As this People’s Network grows, we now have more information at hand than ever before.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can own a piece of the People’s Network, go to  and click Learn More & watch the video.

In 2022, we will become supporters for a more robust wireless network by helping build new 5G Hotspots, Helium Network, and other technologies in areas that need it while providing IT Support to our clients.

It all started for our founder, Dennis Beyer, at an early age of six when his parents gave him an old broken TV minus the screen and glass vacuum tubes and let him borrow his Dad's soldering iron (unsupervised).  Before long, he had switches and lights working while the question of "what next" was brewing.  The world of electronics and mechanical gadgets sparked his inventive spirit to find ways to improve things in the world.  Once he took one of the first RadioShack FM Cordless Phones (100' Limit) and added a FireStick Antenna on the roof of his apartment.  At best, the range was a solid 7/10's of a mile.   The projects and ideas never ended.

​Fast-forwarding to today, Dennis Beyer's business & leadership experiences started at beginning PCs before the Internet.  He saw the requirement for companies needing support to bring them into the business world of computing, and decades later, the need continues.  Since then, he has consulted as an Energy Consultant/Broker, Financial Professional and owns other service-related businesses striving to be the finest and most respected. 

Experienced Leadership

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